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Mission Statement for Palm Springs Paralegal Services

To analyze, advise and assist in a professional and conscientious manner
having the client's best interest at hand. All matters will be handled in a
cost effective manner consisting of a thorough and precise analysis.

Welcome. My name is Carol Abarrate. I am an experienced paralegal and Notary Public. I am a Palm Springs native, having lived in the Palm Springs area my entire life. I spent the last 24 years working for a local Palm Springs law firm. I gained experience in several areas of law. My passion is business law and real estate law. My experience entails forming corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Many of these business entities were formed for real estate investment purposes. In this regard, I worked on real property development submittals with the Department of Real Estate.

Being employed by a law firm enabled me to work with several attorneys and incorporate certain skills into my work ethic. My strong suit is my ability to draw out the facts and zero in on the important issues. I have the experience to know what questions to ask. This saves time and allows me to be proficient.

Over the years I’ve developed contacts in the business world. I use a company in Sacramento for my corporate filings and work with certain individuals of title companies and escrow companies on a first name basis. I enjoy working with people. It gives me satisfaction when I help a client resolve a legal matter or complete their business dream of developing their own company.

My experience as a paralegal working in the legal field since 1979 has provided me with a wide range of expertise. My experience will allow me to assist you in the review of your legal documents, analysis of legal issues, assistance in forming business entities and completing judicial council forms including those required for divorce cases. In addition, analysis will be provided of those legal issues which may require the assistance of an attorney.

My experience in the real estate field will assist you in the conveyance of real property matters either by way of a deed or an assignment of leasehold interest. Several properties in the desert area are Indian owned wherein leases are the governing document. I am familiar with these types of leases and have dealt with the Bureau of Indian Affairs as related to ground leases, assignments of lease, amendments and supplements to ground leases.

I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have concerning your legal matter. I will respond to your inquiries promptly and confidentially.